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Spring 2024 Week-Long Immersive:

This course will explore the mystery of woman through Catholic teaching and insights from leading Catholic scholars on femininity. Drawing from the works of Gertrud von le Fort, Alice von Hildebrand, Prudence Allen, and, above all, Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, students will discover the essence of the feminine genius in contrast to the cultural confusion that obscures the true nature of woman today. A journey will be made from the fallen disobedience of Eve to the redemptive obedience of the Blessed Virgin Mary.


“Who Is Woman? The Journey from Eve to Mary”
3 equivalency credits



God and the Human Person

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Required Texts:

Edith Stein Essays on Woman by St. Edith Stein
The Eternal Woman: The Timeless Meaning of the Feminine by Gertrude Von Le Fort
The Privilege of Being a Woman by Alice Von Hildebrand
Phenomenology: A Basic Introduction in the Light of Jesus Christ by Donald Wallenfang, OCDS, PhD
Metaphysics, A Basic Introduction in a Christian Key by Donald Wallenfang, OCDS, PhD

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Fall 2024 Week-Long Immersive:

According to the timeless ancient axiom, agere sequitur esse – “doing follows being.” In order to know how to act, we first must know who we are. This course asks the question, “Who is the human being?” Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross and Caryll Houselander are two prominent twentieth-century Catholic women who offer sustained reflection on this vital question. By exploring their enlightening lives and writings, students will encounter the truth, goodness and beauty of the meaning of being human.


“The Dignity of Dust: Contemplating our Humanity” 3 equivalency credits



God and the Human Person


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