About the Benedicta Institute

The mission of the Women of Grace® Benedicta Institute for Women® is to educate, develop, and train Catholic women to be leaders and mentors of the day by way of the Feminine Genius and their gift of spiritual maternity.
The purpose of Certification in Catholic Women’s Leadership through the Benedicta Institute for Women® is found in the Institute’s motto, agere sequitur esse (doing follows being). The woman who receives the Certification in Catholic Women’s Leadership will be formed and shaped according to the heart and mind of Holy Mother Church in the fullness of the Feminine Genius, the Blessed Virgin Mary. Through the spiritual and leadership formation provided, she will be imbued with the Marian character, confidence, and skill to bring Jesus Christ to the world and the world to Jesus Christ, no matter her position or state in life. In so doing, she will do much to “aid humanity in not falling” and to create a civilization of love.

How does it work?​

The Certification Program is a 2-3 year program (24 equivalency credits) that focuses on four thematic components.

5 Core Courses (15 equiv. credits)
2 Elective Courses (6 equiv. credits)
3 Benedicta Enrichment Seminars (3 equiv. credits)

Before completing the Certification Program, participants must have first completed the Women of Grace Foundational Study: Full of Grace: Women and the Abundant Life. Certificate of Completion is required.​ Find a Study

God and the Human Person

The motto of the Benedicta Institute is agere sequitur esse – ‘doing follows being.’ By contemplating who we are as human beings made in the image of God, we are better prepared to live the abundant life Jesus promises us. Courses in this category study God’s masterpiece of humanity as body and soul, child and adult, male and female, fallen yet redeemed.


The Blessed Virgin Mary embodies the perfection of the Christian life and showcases the special dignity and vocation of women within the order of creation. Meditating on the virginal purity and missionary maternity of Mary actualizes the potential housed within the feminine genius. Courses in this category awaken the Marian character within every woman as a beloved daughter of the Father.

Carmelite Spirituality

Named after Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, the Benedicta Institute is imbued with the charism of Mount Carmel. The spiritual character of the Benedicta curriculum is permeated by the legacy of the humble Carmelite saints and their passionate love for contemplative prayer. Courses in this category explore the accessible itinerary of the mystical life as presented in the tradition of Carmelite spirituality.

Catholic Women's Leadership

Servant leadership in a Marian form is the vision of the Benedicta model. Through the faithful art of accompaniment and empathic attunement to the other, women secure the pathway to ‘aid humanity in not falling’ and to create ‘a civilization of love.’ Courses in this category lay out the practical resources and strategies for leading people effectively in the various relational spaces of home, work, study, ministry, and worship

We study in the example of
St. Edith Stein

Named after St Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (St. Edith Stein), the Benedicta Institute inspires and equips women to recognize the fullness of their femininity and to heal the world through courageous spiritual maternity. The vocation of women is ennobled by studying and putting into practice virtuous leadership within the contexts of home, work, and church.

Works With Your Schedule

Hybrid model offers Immersives, Electives, and Enrichment Seminars in-person and online so that you can weave this program into your schedule.

World Renowned Instructors

Courses are led by world renowned Catholic Instructors through in-person and online formats.

Week-Long Immersives

Week-Long Immersive Courses are required in all four themes. Each participant must attend a minimum of two, in-person, Week-Long Immersives.


Assessments are based on presence, participation, small and large group formation, and discussion boards available through the Canvas platform.

Meet Your Instructors

Donald Wallenfang, OCDS, PhD​


Monica Miller, PhD


Johnnette Benkovic Williams

Program Founder

Bishop William John Waltersheid

Spiritual Advisor

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